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WORKSHOP: Your Guests are Controlling Your Marketing Message!

WORKSHOP: Your Guests are Controlling Your Marketing Message!

How do you make the most of 'your' great big marketing team? In our industry today, it is imperative to understand the trend towards user-generated content including reviews, social media and influencer content having so much more cut-through and influence on decision making than business content.  Two-thirds of marketing is occurring without marketers.   In this workshop, Liz will focus on "guest content" and cover topics such as:  
  • Different forms of guest content
  • Listening and engaging
  • How to encourage guest content
  • Leveraging guest content
  • How to work with influencers
  There will be plenty of practical tips and a workbook so you walk away with more appreciation of the importance of user-generated content and suggestions on how to work it into your marketing strategy.
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