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WORKSHOP: What Are Your Visitors Really Doing in Your Destination?

Using the power of Telstra’s Location Insights, this workshop will give you a demonstration into the power of analytics collected from mobile phone usage and how this data can be used to inform decisions about our destinations. This workshop has been designed to showcase the kind of intel that’s available right now to support destination managers and destination marketers at a local and state-wide level in perfecting your efforts. The session will delve into – Demographics & Personas that can be identified from the data to….
  • Develop unique customer group profiles with data science and lifestyle segmentations
Understand the dwell duration of visitors to help in….
  • Better planning and deployment of public services
Reporting on past events and plan for future events Understanding and predicting performance of city hubs and regional centres and measure impacts of actions taken
  • Domestic/International Visitor Counts that will….
Inform investment decisions through evidence based insights More detail on our International Visitors
  • The demonstration will also show how we can identify the origins of our overseas visitors as part of the local visitor mix
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