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Steve Vallas

Steve Vallas

Co-Founder, CHUNKY Media

Steve Vallas is a qualified lawyer who moved into hospitality and digital marketing. Adapting complex problem solving skills across experiential industries that require a 360 degree understanding of relationship marketing in Steve’s bread and butter. His true passion is found in building businesses that listen and rely on the social signals and the needs of the user.

An early adopter of social channels as a relationship, brand and network building tool, he lives and breathes by the motto “online all of the time”. Steve is focused on building value adding relationships with content producing professionals, social media strategists, SME’s and enterprise businesses who are looking to benefit from the paradigm shift to customer centric online marketing opportunities.

Available to visibly or discreetly build online presence, chart strategic direction, identify weaknesses in their digital strategies and close the loop on marketing voice across a variety of evolving and emerging platforms Steve works with stakeholders to integrate bricks and mortar businesses with the opportunities being presented by the eCommerce and online world.