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Simon Purssey

Simon Purssey

Head of Client Services, 13CABS

From the age eleven he was an industrious lad making 9 egg double decker pavlovas and selling them to restaurants – delivered on a BMX bike – an early adaptor of Deliveroo!

Simon became a restaurant owner at the age of just 22 and was awarded Young Queenslander of the Year for March and was the youngest member of the other CIA – the Catering Institute of Australia. Simon eventually escaped 21 years of Hospitality to start selling football, cars and air or better known as radio.

Simon joined Yellow Cabs in 2003 when the Melbourne based fleet was just 1,400 cabs and has seen the 13cabs brand grow to now have over 4,000 cabs in Victoria and over 10,000 nationally.

In 2018 he was made an honorary member of Les Clefs d’Or for demonstrating a prolonged commitment to his role in the hospitality industry.

Simon is the Head of Client Services and sees the cab industry as an extension of the Hospitality Industry he thought he’d escaped. But believe him when he says that he sees each Driver as his boss. They’re the hardworking guys and gals out on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and in his 16 years at 13cabs they have never had a day off and they never will.