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Carolyn Childs

Carolyn Childs


Carolyn has been helping businesses in aviation and tourism achieve their goals for over 25 years and working in 35+ countries. She has been a business owner, CEO of Travel Research Centre and headed travel research verticals for IATA and TNS. She co-founded with former client Bronwyn White to help make insights and business tools accessible to tourism businesses/organisations of all sizes.

Carolyn’s specialty topics include branding including destination branding, loyalty and customer relationship management, marketing strategy, communications strategy, new product development, multicountry research, cross-cultural communications and factors

Carolyn is a regular top-rated speaker at conferences and has published an e-book on emerging markets, papers on Air Liberalisation, Culture and Heritage tourism and passenger taxes She is a Full Member of the Market Research Society, a member of Women Chiefs of Enterprise International and interim president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association’s Asia Pacific Chapter.