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Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy

Director, Tourism Research & Education Network

Dr. Anne Hardy is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania and the Director of the Tourism Research and Education Network (TRENd). Anne grew up in Tasmania, Australia, before moving to Queensland Australia to do her Phd and then to the University of Northern British Columbia, where she worked in the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management Program. In 2007 she returned to Tasmania where she is currently employed.

Anne’s approach to research has been deeply affected by her childhood. Her parents started a highly successful tourism business when she was a teen, so she as an understanding of the practices of the tourism industry and also the divide that exists between research and practice. Her desire to extend knowledge in a two way direction between the tourism industry and academia drives much of her research.

Currently, Anne is involved in designing user friendly forms of research that can explore stakeholders perceptions of tourism development in their regions. In addition to this, Anne is currently working on a book on neo-tribal marketing, that explores tourists’ behaviour and the sense of community they often built while travelling.

And finally, Anne is involved in a number of large projects. The first is a Tracking project, that uses GPS tracking and app based technology to track the movements of visitors throughout destinations. This innovative research project has received much attention as it the largest project of its type both spatially and temporally, by tracking tourists through entire destinations. This will be the focus of this presentation