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Olivia Bowden

Olivia Bowden

International Trade Project Coordinator, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Olivia’s interest in international relations grew from what was meant to be a fortnight-long sojourn to Nanjing which developed into a two year-long journey. During this time spent living in Jiangsu Province, Olivia studied Mandarin at Nanjing University, lived with a local family to kick-start her language learning and worked a British IT company expanding in Jiangsu.

Olivia completed her Master of Communications in 2012 focussing her final thesis on how Mandarin study scholarships and grants can be communicated more effectively to the Australian audience.

Olivia is an International Trade Project Coordinator with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a background in organisational communication and marketing. She enjoys helping businesses grow by developing market entry strategies and creating strong international partnerships.